What we do 

We move sound and lighting systems, fragile museum objects and other delicate items that are of great value and require great care. We transport entire productions and can also help with the preparation. Our many years in the industry have given us the knowledge and experience few possess.


We are also a company that is good at logistics for other companies. Third-party logistics that make all parties happy. When you contact us, we will find a customized layout that suits your business. When your needs change - We adapt to it.


We not only carry out transport, but look after the whole context and make you as a customer more than satisfied. Great flexibility and good service are the hallmarks of our services.


When it comes to moving sensitive, often heavy and also valuable technical equipment that can be difficult to pack, such as safes, magnetic cameras, ATMs and the like, we are the right company to be asked. We have the expertise and experience.


Different artists, orchestras and theaters are regularly recurring in our business, so we have a great knowledge of managing productions from beginning to end. We are because of this often part of the crew during live broadcasts and film productions.


Transportation of art and exhibition items requires caution, a great knowledge, accuracy and obvious discretion. We have a long and solid experience of transporting sensitive goods so you as a customer will be satisfied. No mather if it is fragile art, an expensive furniture or objects for a museum, auction house or exhibitions. We also act as couriers, assembling, hanging works and installing heavy objects such as concrete bases, statues and the like. We offer packing and unpacking of exhibitions and can also provide you with staff during touring exhibitions if required

Tour and Transport Service - Logistics from beginning to end. We are problem solvers of both big and small problems. There have been many complicated objects over the years transported and many exciting projects we have been involved with, but we can of course do much more and we want to do much more!


We know that we are often a little bit more expensive, but our work is done by competent employees who provide a little more, always with great service spirit, which gives our customers the best deal in the long run with great flexibility and high quality.


Get in touch and we'll tell you more!