Warehousing / Staff / Vehicle

With us at Tour and Transport Service you can also store your goods without any problems. If it is more of temperature-sensitive goods that require special demand, or need high-security bearing, we have contacts who provide it. We make sure that you as a customer find the right sollution for your need.

We at Tour and Transport Service also have the opportunity to hire staff to businesses that need our expertise and expertise. Both for longer periods, as for short stays can be possible.


Whether it is warehouse management, terminal work, packing, handling of sensitive goods, assembly work, driver assignments, office relocations, more exclusive house relocations or seasonal shifts for exhibitions and auction houses, we have extensive experience and can provide the right service and expertise you need for your company.

All types of driver's licenses, ID / 06, but also specialist expertise for TV production, heavy bulky objects, art management and high technology and more can be found within our staff group.


We have vehicles of several sizes and adapt to the context and need. Our vehicles are adapted to our assignments and are specially equipped to meet the industry's requirements in detail.


Tell us what you need and we will meet your needs.